Melisa Hie, tiene 31 años y es una fotógrafa que hace furor en Instagram. Nacida en Malasia pero viviendo actualmente en Singapur su cuenta “Girl Eat World” gana cientos de miles de seguidores. Pero.. ¿Qué hace a esta cuenta de Instagram tan especial?

Esta cuenta de Instagram encanta a todos porque combina dos de los máximos placeres: viajar y comer. Y además lo hace en preciosas fotografías llenas de luz y color.

Y no solo eso, esas comidas y escenas describen mucho más que el momento de comer. También reflejan bastante de la sociedad.

Melissa Hie viene realizando este proyecto desde el 2009. Además de sus fotos recibe otros trabajos de sus seguidores y los publica en su página. Obviamente esas fotografías están al nivel de su trabajo.

Además de las fotos pueden leer en su cuenta sus experiencias de viaje y aprender un poco más de la cultura culinaria y las costumbres de cada país que visita (principalmente de Asia).

Aquí les dejo algunas de sus hermosas fotografías. Pueden visitar su cuenta y ver más.

Girl Eat World

⛩??? A modern take of the well-loved, fish-shaped Taiyaki from a food market at Fushimi Inari in Kyoto by @op.118. Taiyaki normally contains red bean paste or custard cream, but this parfait one has whipped cream, chocolate pocky stick, green tea paste and red bean paste as well as crunchy cereal inside! Follow @op.118 who is currently touring through Japan. — On a separate note, I have been refreshing my Japanese knowledge using @iknowjp app which teaches you daily japanese vocabularies on-the-go through fun quizzes and games. Knowing these vocabularies has been extremely helpful for me on this trip! Since I have been having such a great experience with, I’m happy to share a free trial using the code ➡️?girleatworld16?⬅️. When you sign up at their website using this coupon code, you will get 1 month of free unlimited use so you can try it for yourself too! Coupon expires on May 15! #notsponsored #icecreamking #icecream #eeeeeats

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A little clementine ? at Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon ?? I know it’s crazy, but it is now the last five days of 2015 (!!) I will be posting once a day until December 31st, five of my favorite #GirlEatWorld stories from 2015… Starting with this one from the Myanmar trip I took in January with @sceetheworld. Why clementine? ? I was pretty much obsessed with this fruit throughout the trip. They are easy to peel, so sweet and seedless, goes for $1 for half a dozen and there seem to be no shortage of them in each burmese city we visited. It became my go-to snack! Shwedagon Pagoda is believed to be constructed 2,600 years ago and contains relics of four Buddhas. In the modern day, it has become an important political arena for the burmese people. In 1946, it is where General Aung San demanded independence from the British before he was assasinated a year later. In the same place 42 years later, his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi would address half a million crowd to demand democracy from the military regime. The most important thing to remember when visiting this place? Take your shoes AND socks off. You have to go barefoot! ;) ?

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??? #tbt to This delicious bowl of Bakso in Gili Trawangan island in Lombok, Indonesia. Ask any Indonesian about Bakso and i’m sure you would be met with excitement. It’s a small bowl of yellow noodles, meatballs and fresh beansprouts in clear beef broth, served with fried shallots, chili and kecap (sweet soy sauce). Bakso is traditionally sold on the street in a small push cart (called «gerobak» in Indonesian) that would go around the neighborhood during supper time and you have to catch the bakso guy at the right time. Because of its small portion, we normally eat it as snacks for supper or midday between meals. Nowadays you can also get them at restaurants for a meal-sized bowl. We got this off a push cart in Gili for $2 and proceeded to eat it on the side of the street. It may not be the healthiest or most hygienic thing, but two months later @singasongjess and I are still dreaming about this Bakso…

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#Latergram i am back in Singapore now, finally home after nearly 3 weeks and it feels so good! This is Old Beijing yogurt (北京酸奶) that I kept seeing everywhere in Beijing. I actually didn’t know what it was, but I decided to just try it since it was only 5 yuan. I assumed it was milk from the shape of the bottle so I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was actually liquid yogurt! It was delicious too, rich and slightly sweet, similar to greek yogurt in taste. You drink the yogurt from a straw poked through the paper lid and after you are done you must return the ceramic bottle. My vendor freaked out when I walked away to take this picture. I assured her I understood when she kept pointing to empty bottles while speaking chinese. I don’t speak chinese but you can understand quite a bit from simple body language when you need to. This was taken at the perimeter of Forbidden City which I didn’t get to visit due to bad weather on Sunday. Thankfully that was the only day, the rest of my visit was awesome ☀️??

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